Stainless Steel Pedal Bins production process

Production Processes of Stainless Steel Pedal Bins, Product Features and Precautions for Use

Production processes of Stainless Steel Pedal Bins

Trash bins are essential to every family, but as simple trash bins can no longer meet the needs of people, pedal bins have come being and become the particularly important household items in our life. A pedal bin is made up of a barrel lid, barrel body, inner bucket, foot pedal, back button, and a long and short shaft. The circular barrel body is made of #304 stainless steel sheet, and produced through a spheronization technology and reinforced with rivets to enhance durability.




Product features of Stainless Steel Pedal Bins

Pedal bins have the advantages of no direct contact with the hand, hygienic, convenience to use, no need to bend our body and lift up the lid with our hand but simply step on the pedal to flip up the lid, effortless and energy saving. The inner bucket is detachable to ease placing with a garbage bag, and the top lid is properly sealed to avoid the interior odor to leak out.



Precautions for use of Stainless Steel Pedal Bins

The simple and stylish pedal bins have brought a lot of convenience to our life and added the value of family lifestyle. However, once these metal household items have become rusty, contaminated, the coating being peeled off and other phenomena, it will look unpleasant and filthy. Therefore, it is essential to master the maintenance methods of these metal household items. A simple method is clean them with a soft damp cloth and then wipe of the excess water off with a dry cloth, thereby making the home environment brighter and cleaner.